Vocal Lessons

Private One and One Vocal Lessons suitable for beginners who have never sung through to advanced vocalists.


Jamie Devine is a 23 year old singer, music producer, vocal coach and talent scout based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. At a young age he discovered his love for music and later went onto perform his own shows at O2 Academy Newcastle, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and many local venues as well as radio stations around North East England singing a wide variety of styles. Jamie has studied music extensively throughout his career including Artist Development at Access To Music in York, and London Centre of Contemporary Music working with artists who have appeared on national TV and radio. Jamie is committed to providing a fun and friendly approach to singing lessons and developing the skills of each student lesson by lesson with each session tailored for maximum progress. He teaches all ages from beginners who have never sung before through to advanced vocalists.


He has worked personally with some of the most sought after vocal experts in the world including Seth Riggs in person at his Los Angeles studio and Brett Manning.


His unique and rare ability to unlock each singers potential is clear from the outset. Jamie loves building the confidence of singers and specialises in the development of style, stage presence, impeccable vocal technique as well as getting the best performance in the recording studio.


Jamie has recorded himself in many top recording studios including the world famous Clear Lake Recording Studios in Hollywood, California.


With over 7 years of solid vocal experience from busking in the North East to gigging around the world, radio appearances as well as learning about the voice from the best in the music business he takes great pride in developing students to achieve their full vocal potential giving each student the tools and education necessary to develop then maintain a strong professional singing voice, without compromising the singers unique individuality.


£17.50 - 45 Minute Session
£20.00 - 1 Hour Session
Block booking* - 5 one hour sessions - £85

Subwaves Studios is a music recording studio and music production facility.

Guitar Lessons

Private One and One Guitar Lessons suitable for beginners who have never played through to advanced players.

We specialise in getting you playing the music which you enjoy most and giving you all the tools and education necessary to meet your guitar goals.


We welcome students from all over the world via Skype and in person lessons at the studio in Chester-le-Street.

Block bookings (discounted*) or pay by session.

At Subwaves Studios Guitar Lessons we aim to provide the highest level of music education to all levels of players ensuring that each lesson is specific and tailored to each student, while making learning process enjoyable.

Subwaves Studios Guitar Lessons can also offer advice on which equipment to buy for beginners as well as offer performing opportunities in the music industry to the players which are ready.

£17.50 - 45 Minute Session
£20.00 - 1 Hour Session
Block booking* - 5 one hour sessions - £85

Subwaves Studios is a music recording studio and music production facility.

*Lessons and all block bookings are non refundable

Contact Us

To get in touch with Subwaves Music  for all areas please email: info@subwavesstudios.co.uk


Our latest music projects


21st March 2020

We have just announced that Subwaves Music Lessons and Subwaves Studios will be opening a brand new music tuition centre and music consultancy in Eldon Square in Newcastle City Centre! It was due to open on 1st May but due to Covid-19 we have pushed back until 1st July, it's all confirmed for then! Keep an eye out here...


23rd July 2019

What an incredible month here at Subwaves. Our guitar and vocal students are getting success and performing incredible shows. Our promo company has grown and announced several new shows & venue partnerships across across the UK with further plans for expansion. We have also been involved with TV production for major broadcasters.



8th September 2018

A busy time at Subwaves Music as we've been on tour with Escapade finishing with a sold out show in Leicester. Go Escapade! We have now opened our booking agency.



14th July 2018

A month of non stop music sessions at Subwaves and we are pleased to announce that we will be working with SoundWaves Music Competition Winners Escapade recording New Music in the near future and launching their UK Tour. We are also pleased to announce a plethora of talent from the roster will be performing at the brand new Subwaves Music Festival, see events page for more info.

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