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At Subwaves Music, we have access to a range of studio recording enviroments each suited to different applications and projects packed with equipment and the latest in digital technology. See below for a breakdown of the recording options within Subwaves Music.

Studio A - The Main Recording Space

Studio A is the main recording studio we have access to at Subwaves Music and represents everything that makes Subwaves Studios a world class music production facility. The main studio is currently running the latest version of Pro Tools 12 as well as a plethora of industry standard plugins to enchance and bring out the best qualities within the artists recordings. We have the latest vocal and instrument plugins from iZotope, Waves, CLA and Abbey Road Studios to name a few, please see equipment page for the full list. 


Studio A has access to a live room which has been acoustically treated and has been specially formulated to capture sound in the best possible way as well as a dedicated vocal recording booth which is suitable for voices of all types as well as voice over recording.


At Subwaves Studios we only use the best microphones and have a huge selection including the world famous Neumann U87 which combined with our outstanding preamp selection including the legendary Neve 1073 running into the Tube Tech CL1B Optical Compressor used by Kanye West amongst others. We are able to capture every nuance of the artists performance whatever the instrument, and create outstanding industry standard records.

Studio B

Studio B is suited to solo artists, singers and small bands. This studio like our main recording space represents everything that makes Subwaves Studios a world class music recording and production facility, but the difference is the recording area is smaller than Studio A. Studio B is running all Studio A has in terms of Pro Tools 12, industry standard equipment, plugins, preamps, and everything else.


It's easy to schedule in a recording session at Subwaves Recording Studios simply contact us by clicking below.

Portable Recording Studio and On Location Recording

At Subwaves Studios we offer on location recording and have many different recording studios, and can setup a recording studio anywhere to capture sound to the highest of quality. Please get in touch for more information.

Live Music Video Recording

Live Music Video recording. Contact us for information.


Neumann Mics

We keep a range of Neumann Mics in house such as; U87 and KMS 105. Other specific mics available on request. We have all the usual mics you can expect from a pro studio.


Contact Us

To get in touch with Subwaves Music  for all areas please email:


Our latest music projects


21st March 2020

We have just announced that Subwaves Music Lessons and Subwaves Studios will be opening a brand new music tuition centre and music consultancy in Eldon Square in Newcastle City Centre! It was due to open on 1st May but due to Covid-19 we have pushed back until 1st July, it's all confirmed for then! Keep an eye out here...


23rd July 2019

What an incredible month here at Subwaves. Our guitar and vocal students are getting success and performing incredible shows. Our promo company has grown and announced several new shows & venue partnerships across across the UK with further plans for expansion. We have also been involved with TV production for major broadcasters.



8th September 2018

A busy time at Subwaves Music as we've been on tour with Escapade finishing with a sold out show in Leicester. Go Escapade! We have now opened our booking agency.



14th July 2018

A month of non stop music sessions at Subwaves and we are pleased to announce that we will be working with SoundWaves Music Competition Winners Escapade recording New Music in the near future and launching their UK Tour. We are also pleased to announce a plethora of talent from the roster will be performing at the brand new Subwaves Music Festival, see events page for more info.

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